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Sword Bone (Jiangu) Episode 43 Subtitles

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Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023) - donghuastream

Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023)

Rating 9.4
Other Name: Sword Bone,Jiangu,剑骨
Released: Jun 16, 2023
Duration: 7min
Fansub: Donghuastream Offical
Posted by: Donghuastream
Released on:
Updated on:
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Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023) Characters and Plot

Ning Yi, a young grassroots boy from the Xiling region, possesses a special devouring constitution. He relies on Pei Fan, who bears a blood feud, for survival. Later, he forms bonds with the mystical treasure bone flute and the enigmatic girl Xu Qingyan. Under the tutelage of the sword immortal from Mount Shu, Ning Yi’s swordsmanship reaches its peak, and the bone flute assists him in achieving the status of a Swordbearer. He shoulders the responsibility of saving the world and bringing light to all living beings.

Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023) Release Date

Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023) will air on April 23, 2023. It is a Sunday anime series by Bilibili. The new episode will be out at 10 am in China. Global anime fans keep track of the time zone details to enjoy the latest episode of Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023).

Where to watch Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023) ?

Episodes of Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023) are available through the Bilibili app. The MadeByBilibili YouTube channel has episodes of Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023) available for viewing. For now, fans can watch it on Donghuastream here.

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Sword Bone (Jiangu) (2023)

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